Thursday, November 26, 2009

Colour Block

There are colours all around us, and I like them all equally so when someone asks me what is your favourite colour I never know how to answer. I think that colours are like moods, you choose one to wear for the day. You buy something with a certain colour depending on how you are feeling. When it come to my kitchen I like bright warm tones, therefore I have many differnet objects that catch your eye. I used my kitchen for a lot of these shots as I like what I see there because I get to choose the colour combinations that go together. For Similarity colours I choose to shoot lemons and limes because I think there two things go so well together. Not only do you often find lemons and limes together in the grocery store but their shape and colour tone are similar. When I look at lemons and limes I feel relaxed because they seem to fit which makes me relax becuause you know in some way that if you find two things that go together things will be alright. Not only do the colout tones go together but I think the texture plays a role in lemons and limes fitting. Becuase they have a simiar skin the light hits the fruit in the same way and creates equal darks and lights that makes you feel balanced and whole. Like one in the same.

For Complimentary colurs I choose to shoot tomatoes and cilantro or corriander (depending on who you ask). Salsa just isn't salsa with out tomatoes and cilantro and it fits that their colurs also happen to be red and green. When I look at complimentary colours including tomatoes and cilantro I feel calm and happy because you know that even though things are different they can still go together. There is also something in the way the colours of food evoke a sense of hungry obviously but refreshed and a sense of ahhhhhh. We al associated complimentery colours with events and holidays and it is almost like viiting an old friend when you see two things fit together.

I enjoyed this project and I found it easy to find colours in my home and in finding ways to combine objects and colurs to make the either pop or fit.