Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lines, Lines everywhere are Lines

Lines are everywhere this I know but when asked to capture 30-50 images it can be a bit challenging. After shooting in the exchange district all week I decided that I needed to take a break and find some new inspiration. When I think about lines I see fences, fields and old buildings and there is only one place that I know of to find this and that is home. So I took a little field trip to clear my head and find some neat shots of lines. Some of the challenges I had with this project were capturing the image I was seeing with my camera, but I am sure we are all facing that challenge. I also found numbers and shutter speeds racing through my head and I often needed to find a way to turn my brain off. I liked the project and I like a lot of the pictures that I found. At first it might not be clear what I was getting at but if you look closely I think you will get what I was seeing.

Check out my Lines and see for yourself.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Assignment 1- Sept.14, 2009

Well this is my first official post to my brand new blog page. I have chosen to add this picture because it says summer to me and since we have had very little summer I am going to surround myself with all things summer I can find. In terms of what I like to shoot I would have to say everything that I find interesting which really doesn't narrow it down but as I add to this blog I think my style will start to become apparent. I have many favourite genres of photography but two of my favourites are landscapes and food, surprise surprise. I am currently enrolled in a 10 month diploma program. From this program I hope to learn how to use all of the functions, ins and outs, bells and whistles of my two cameras so that I feel comfortable taking pictures in every situation. I also hope to learn how to take better pictures and use all the programs and tools associated with being a photographer. Some of my best photo related memories are of working with Henry in Morden in his darkroom, developing my own film and learning how to use some of the equipment. There in not one specific memory that stands out but those couple of days that I was there really instilled my interest in photography and laid the foundation for my ever present desire to have photography in my life.