Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hybrid Photography

I love film, always have and always will. Film was what I started with in photography and when digital came around I was really slow to warm to it. I have but film will always be my passion. I haven't shot colour film in a long time so this assignment was a nice reunion of the sorts. It was interesting to look through the view finder and think about how the shot would look in colour as opposed to black and white. I was also shooting on my new and very favourite thrift store purchase the Yashica MG-1. I had a lot of fun.

The theme for my assignment was twilight. I was at home with the animals and it was a warm evening, they were outside lounging around so I decided to shoot them. The light was warm and just beautiful so the first half of the roll was just kicking back with the critters, lapping up the warm sunshine. I think that the light mixed with the combination of film adds a mysterious quality to the whole feel and I think I am going to start shooting more at this time.

Biggie kicking it on his perch away from the commotion below.

Oliver (cocker spaniel) and Abby (westie) hanging out waiting for the cats to come down and play.

The second half of the roll I shot was at the McIvor Park, the river is of course flooding over the banks and the trees are surrounded in water, to create some really neat reflections. Luckily the two nights that I shot there the sun set was awesome and the colours were so intense. I am actually glad I had colour film for this. I think I need to start shooting more for sure.