Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hybrid Photography

I love film, always have and always will. Film was what I started with in photography and when digital came around I was really slow to warm to it. I have but film will always be my passion. I haven't shot colour film in a long time so this assignment was a nice reunion of the sorts. It was interesting to look through the view finder and think about how the shot would look in colour as opposed to black and white. I was also shooting on my new and very favourite thrift store purchase the Yashica MG-1. I had a lot of fun.

The theme for my assignment was twilight. I was at home with the animals and it was a warm evening, they were outside lounging around so I decided to shoot them. The light was warm and just beautiful so the first half of the roll was just kicking back with the critters, lapping up the warm sunshine. I think that the light mixed with the combination of film adds a mysterious quality to the whole feel and I think I am going to start shooting more at this time.

Biggie kicking it on his perch away from the commotion below.

Oliver (cocker spaniel) and Abby (westie) hanging out waiting for the cats to come down and play.

The second half of the roll I shot was at the McIvor Park, the river is of course flooding over the banks and the trees are surrounded in water, to create some really neat reflections. Luckily the two nights that I shot there the sun set was awesome and the colours were so intense. I am actually glad I had colour film for this. I think I need to start shooting more for sure.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Movie Week

Well it is February and movie week is upon us. I wasn’t sure what movie to choose because they all looked interesting. I finally decided on three but I am thinking I am going to have to just rent the other ones I wanted to watch on the weekend.

The first movie I watched this week was Born Into Brothels. It is a documentary film about children learning to take pictures in the brothels where they are growing up in India. When I started watching the movie I thought I would have a harder time with the film then I did. There was sadness but within this movie I was able to see the joy that the children are able to find in life. For example I was so happy for the children when they went to the seaside. You could see in their faces how being there was an experience they would never forget and it masked the sadness for a short while. I was left thinking what is it about the human spirit that wills us to keep going in the midst of misery and hardship. The photos that these children took were amazing and so real, it is hard to believe that people live this way. It was reassuring to know that the children wanted to learn and be there and create pictures of beauty in this life that they know. At the same time it was discouraging to find out that even with the chances they were given to make a better life a few of them went back to the place they wanted to get out of. I am glad that I finally got the chance to watch this film, it was worth it and I found it encouraging watching these children going through some of the same issues I do with my own work.

The Second film that I watched was Pecker. It was way different from the first film that I saw but I cannot say that I liked it better. Pecker was not what I expected at all. I know that some people found it funny and witty but maybe I still had Born into Brothels in my mind because I could not get into this movie at all. I found it odd, awkward and bizarre, I know that that is also part of the message but I really had a hard time with it. The actually photos in the movie were cool but I wish I could have just seen the photos without the movie.

The final movie that I watched was One Hour Photo. I would have to say that out of the three this one fell right in the middle in terms of me liking them. This movie was also odd but there was something about it that I could really relate to and I think it is easier than we think to fall into this photo-stalking trap. I too can get lost on facebook looking at photos of people lives. I can see where this movie can actually be really close to real life. While I could relate more to this movie than Pecker the ending didn’t really give me much closer and I really had to use my imagination to picture (no pun intended) what happened to all of the characters.

All in all I think movie week was successful and I am glad I got to watch Born into Brothels and One Hour Photo and if I had to sacrifice my time with Pecker to do so well it was worth it.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Holiday

1. Well I would like to have said I went somewhere warm and exciting on my holiday but unfortunately I was needed to hold down the couch as I feeling under the weather for a lot of it. So my creativity energy was spent around me. Here I am in my spot wrapped up in my favourite snuggly blanket

2. Even though I was under the weather I still managed to get out and do a few things. One of them being the annual girls Christmas party. Our group of girls gets together watches movies, talks, eats, sleepovers and has a great time. We do this instead of exchanging gifts. thanks girls.

3. Well it wouldn't be Christmas without going to at least one concert. Thankfully this year I got to go and see two. They were great concerts with lots of singing and displaying of talents. Good job Julia and Malia!

4. I went home for a few days before Christmas to visit one of my very dear friends Abby. This was Abby's first Christmas so I decided to spend a few days with her walking and talking.

5. One of my favourite things to do at Christmas is of course bake, especially at home. I didn't do as much as I usually do, but I did manage to make a few of my favourites including white chocolate sugar twists.

6. YEAH! Christmas finally came and so did Santa. My Christmas was quiet which was nice spent with family, visiting, gifts, laughing and jokes. Thank you everyone.

7. Uhgg. Just when I thought I was getting better Ryan and I were both hit with the flu and spent few days in walk up clinics trying to feel better. Thankfully this bug is out of our systems and we are both finally feeling better!

8. Abby came to visit us in the city for a few days which definitely helped make me feel better. It was so nice out for a few days that I took Abby on her very first walk at the dog park where she made a lot of new friends to visit.

9. New Years Eve! Spent with good friends at the cabin. Fondue and bad sweaters were on the menu and we had a great time playing games and catching up. I wouldn't have wanted to spend it any other way. Thanks for the great night everybody!.

Well that is it. Three weeks went by in a flash. I had a nice holiday and now I am ready to get back to work. Off the couch away from the great food and back to walking and clicking.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Yousuf Karsh: Grey Owl


Yousuf Karsh

Grey Wolf, (Archibald Belaney) 1936

When I first walked into the Karsh exhibit I was struck by how dark the prints were. Because of this I was instantly drawn to the lighter prints. While I really liked a lot of the prints I decided to choose the print of Grey Owl. This shot was taken in 1936. What caught my attention right away was that even though the print is dark, Grey Owls eyes pop out. I also liked this print because it seemed to be softer than the rest of the collection.

The area around Grey Owl has some depth and detail and I think that Karsh would have probably preflashed the paper prior to exposing the negative, as there is a difference in tones between the background and Grey Owl. Karsh shot on a full frame camera and because of this his negatives were 8x10 so when he would have made his prints they would be more sharp and in focus because they would not have been as much enlarging. Karsh may have also made contact prints of his images because of the size of his negatives also contributing to the sharpness of the images. This particular print of Grey Owl is sharp and has an even contrast so I think that Karsh probably added a magenta filter and finished the print off with a soft filter to make the skin tones of Grey Owl softer. I don’t think that Karsh dodged or burnt anything on the image, as Karsh was technically precise with his lighting so I think he would have achieved the tones he wanted based on preexposure work rather than post exposure. However is saying that Karsh may have dodged the area around Grey Owl’s eyes as they do appear very easily in the dark shadow of his hat.

I really like this print of Grey Owl, I like the fact that his rough bush lifestyle was captured with a soft feel. So many pictures of Grey Owl are taken with environment as the background because he is about his work and lifestyle. What I like about this print is that this is just a close up of his face so that we can see the struggles of his life on his face. The expression on Grey Owl's face suggests that he is not happy with being posed but he also could be in deep thought about his situation in life.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Colour Block

There are colours all around us, and I like them all equally so when someone asks me what is your favourite colour I never know how to answer. I think that colours are like moods, you choose one to wear for the day. You buy something with a certain colour depending on how you are feeling. When it come to my kitchen I like bright warm tones, therefore I have many differnet objects that catch your eye. I used my kitchen for a lot of these shots as I like what I see there because I get to choose the colour combinations that go together. For Similarity colours I choose to shoot lemons and limes because I think there two things go so well together. Not only do you often find lemons and limes together in the grocery store but their shape and colour tone are similar. When I look at lemons and limes I feel relaxed because they seem to fit which makes me relax becuause you know in some way that if you find two things that go together things will be alright. Not only do the colout tones go together but I think the texture plays a role in lemons and limes fitting. Becuase they have a simiar skin the light hits the fruit in the same way and creates equal darks and lights that makes you feel balanced and whole. Like one in the same.

For Complimentary colurs I choose to shoot tomatoes and cilantro or corriander (depending on who you ask). Salsa just isn't salsa with out tomatoes and cilantro and it fits that their colurs also happen to be red and green. When I look at complimentary colours including tomatoes and cilantro I feel calm and happy because you know that even though things are different they can still go together. There is also something in the way the colours of food evoke a sense of hungry obviously but refreshed and a sense of ahhhhhh. We al associated complimentery colours with events and holidays and it is almost like viiting an old friend when you see two things fit together.

I enjoyed this project and I found it easy to find colours in my home and in finding ways to combine objects and colurs to make the either pop or fit.

Friday, October 30, 2009


Well it was a cold day to be outside but I did it. The zoo I have never been a huge fan of the zoo buy it is always a neat place to check out and visit. I think some of the highlights of the day were being in the tropical house even though I fogged up because I got some nice soft shots. I also got to go on a bit of a backstage pass because I asked one of the workers were the bison were and he told me they were in the barn. He then took me to the barn to see the bison and get some cool close up shots. Today was a good day I got to see the animals, take some neat shots and be outside in the fresh air even though it was cold. Today made me realize I would like a new lens and I am thinking a telephoto to keep working on interesting shots.